Anybody willing to help look at a digital program for my wife’s ensemble’s upcoming performance at a major professional choral conference? Rather than simply link to a PDF of a print version, I built a mobile friendly version. I’ve never seen it done this way, so I want to make sure it’s top notch.

What is the best HTML editor available for iPad?

Others have said this before, but there really needs to be a way to log in to other than a link sent to an email address. I’m trying to log in on my iPad and still haven’t received the email.

My wife has told volunteered me to create a digital program for her group’s upcoming performance at a major regional choral festival. I was going to work on that project tonight, but I left my MacBook at the office. 🤬

I finally have Beluga up and running. I was way overcomplicating the process. If you’re trying to get going, the tutorial they have posted is outdated. Just set up your S3 bucket and enter your provider, region, and access keys in the app. You’re done (until you want to mess with a custom domain).

Did I finally get it figured out?

I’m giving the server setup for Beluga a try purely out of curiosity. It’s a pretty painful process so far.

Still trying to figure out how to set up Beluga.

🍩 The only day of the week I don’t make freshly ground coffee at home is Sunday. We always make a Dunkin’ run on our way to sing.

After two insomnia curing episodes, I can’t bring myself to watch Criminal Record any further.

I honestly don’t know that Netflix is wrong here. I don’t see the Vision Pro being relevant for at least three to four years; maybe longer. Right now, it’s a just a professional Apple blogger’s toy.

Developers to the entity that gave them their success: I love you, you’re perfect, now change. I don’t know why the fake controversy over the way Apple operates its app store bothers me. I don’t have a dog in the hunt. I guess it’s the duplicity. I’ll shut up about it.

Some nice new tweaks to the Apple Maps UI. Let’s see if they fixed the issue with the location indicator being too far ahead.

If I’m interested in continuing watching Criminal Record, I’ll need to watch the first episode again. I slept through it the first time.

It is entirely unhelpful for a shipping company, let’s say the United States Postal Service, to post a status like, “Moving Through Network”. They might as well say, “We got it. You’ll get it.”

Holy Mother of God! My wife has COVID and her provider prescribed Paxlovid. Our copay was $25. On the receipt is printed, “Your plan saved you $1713.95.”

The new Galaxy S24 Ultra has an in-call translation feature. Is anything like that available for iPhone? I’m assuming not, but I’d love that for making phone calls to Spanish speaking families of students.

The few Dolby Atmos tracks I’ve compared sound significantly better on Tidal than on Apple Music.

📺 Last episode of The Night Agent. It has been a bit hit and miss for me. Next up will be Criminal Record. You can almost always count on British crime dramas to be top shelf.

As I do once or twice a year, I’m using Tidal for a month or so. The live session idea is kind of neat.