I always thought the watch face apps for Apple Watch were essentially static and useless. They’re surprisingly more capable than I thought. But I’m not sure where they’re getting their weather data from. It’s definitely not correct.

Watching live stats for the digital program I created for my wife’s performance via @vincent’s Tinylytics. Performance is going on right now. 887 iOS hits vs. 105 Android hits.

Working on job applications on a Friday evening. As you do.

Apple Music has mistaken my enjoyment of the Maccabeats for enjoyment of all Yiddish music. And I really just like good a cappella music. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Thinking of going back to Spark Mail since it’s now available through SetApp. But that would mean I would probably have to go back to Fastmail from Proton. 🤔

Random kindness: I drove through a fast food place this afternoon for a drink and snack. I got to the window and realized I had left my wallet at home, something I rarely do. The employee said, “Would you let me buy it for you?” Although I declined, they insisted and I drove away with my items.

My step-daughter is taking the trash bin to the curb without our having to ask. Be prepared for the world to end tomorrow.

Time to stop playing around with web design and start working on my résumé. Ok, maybe a nap first.

After unsubscribing from the podcasts that can’t stop talking about the Vision Pro, my podcast app is all but dormant. @HemisphericViews needs to go weekly.

What. The hell. Is FootGolf‽

I found the first The King’s Singers album I ever owned. I have long lost my physical copy and it was unavailable everywhere I looked. But I have now purchased and downloaded the files.

So, a fun new feature in iOS 17.4: after CarPlay reads an incoming text, Music plays a random song.

If I were to copy @adam@social.lol’s recent experiment, my first post as URL would be gdp.is/really-hoping-that-gas-station-sandwich-does-not-kill-him.

I’ve been a longtime user of Overcast, but I think I’ll give Castro a try for this week’s podcast listening.

An increase in Vision Pro coverage + an increase in Relay FM subscription prices = cancelation of my Connected Pro subscription

I’m pretty happy with how the digital program project for my wife came out. As far as I know, this is a first of its kind. Usually, groups will just make a PDF of their printed program available, but that’s an awful experience. I created a mobile-first site that scales with the device.

Beluga: Neat Idea, Wonky Implementation

Beluga is a neat idea. It is “designed for nerds,” as they say, but the entry hurdle is not so difficult that most folks couldn’t figure it out. (Ignore all of my posts about the onboarding process because I was overthinking everything.) But…

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Flexing my choral muscles today. Judging honor choir auditions for a neighboring school district.